Shallows, K. Hudspeth, 2016; Collagraph, Screenprint monotype, Pronto Plate lithography; Unique; 11.25" x 8.75".

Shallows, K. Hudspeth, 2016; Collagraph, Screenprint monotype, Pronto Plate lithography; Unique; 11.25″ x 8.75″.

It Was to Be a Glittering City

November 20, 2016 – January 8, 2017
Solo exhibition by Kathleen Hudspeth at Under the Bridge, North Miami, FL

12425 NE 13 AVE #4

It Was to Be a Glittering City, a solo exhibition by Kathleen Hudspeth, projects the future of Miami into a speculative eventual decline.

The imagery presents iconic vignettes spun from the narrative of an old woman’s history of place and family.  Graphic, deeply encoded images act as synecdoche for the landscape, the city, the people, their dreams, and the consequences of building those dreams.

A short fiction written by the artist accompanies the artwork, and was inspired in tone and theme by The Invention of Morel, by Argentinian author Adolfo Bioy Casares.  In Bioy Casares’ novella, the desire to capture that which cannot be possessed results in the creation of an enduring monument which itself is the means of destroying the object of desire.  The protagonist who serves as witness to these illusory events had no role in instigating them, yet lives within them, and becomes an eventual victim of desire as well.

Similarly, the audience viewing It Was to Be a Glittering City becomes protagonist, witness, and victim within the elusive remnants of consequence.

The works presented are unique, hand-pulled prints created using monotype, lithography, intaglio, collagraph, watercolor and gouache.

Kathleen Hudspeth is a native of Miami, Florida, and an adjunct professor of printmaking at New World School of the Arts in downtown Miami.  She is also founder and co-director of Turn-Based Press, the creation of which she was awarded a Knight Arts Challenge grant for in 2009.  She received an MFA in printmaking from the University of Miami in 2009, and a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin in 2000.

More about the show:

Maybe the point is that with all the emphasis given now to violence, discord and separation, fine, Fine Art, can still be a respite that can define a particular situation, and still transcend the fear-based aspects of it.

Decline and Fall aren’t ‘good’, but they have to be accepted and assimilated…and maybe the possibility to rebuild, to re-assemble, can eventually begin to happen.–David Rohn at Art is About

An overview of some of the works at this link.

Recommendation by Elisa Turner in Hamptons Art Hub:

Enterprising, ever-creative Bridge Red Studios in North Miami is a not-to-be-missed artists’ complex with exhibition spaces and studios.  It recently won a Knight Challenge Grant to support its advocacy for talented artists working in Miami who merit more attention.  Current exhibitions feature Yanira Collado, Kathleen Hudspeth, Raoul Sentenat. Art Basel Miami Beach studio visits take place at Bridge Red on Dec. 3, 9 a.m. to noon, free and open to the public.



A highlight from ‘It was to be a Glittering city’ by Kathleen Hudspeth. #kathleenhudspeth #miami #miamiartscene #printmaking

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