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I’ll be exhibiting four new prints in MemoryLab at HistoryMiami.  The prints are inspired by photographs from the HistoryMiami collection, one from 1884, and another from 1929.  The exhibition opens Thursday, March 9, from 6 – 8 PM and runs through April 16.  There will be a free Family Fun day on March 11 with activities related to the exhibition.

My solo exhibition, It Was to Be a Glittering City, at Under the Bridge closes January 8, 2017 with a reception from noon to three PM.  The reception coincides with the closing brunch for the exhibition by Yanira Collado at Bridge Red, which was recently recommended as a worthy venue by Elisa Turner during the 2016 Miami Art Week.

Under the Bridge is located at 12425 NE 13th Ave, # 4, North Miami, FL.

Some installation shots below; documentation by Daniel Portnoy.

. . . the show exudes a kind of acquiescent serenity….a wonderful sense of release, as if allowing oneself to succumb to the soft resonant palette of the works, a kind of subtle sense of intimacy, due possibly to the simplicity of the subjects, and the careful way the show is hung, makes things ok…. If you get a chance, stop in, take a deep breath..and let it go.

–David Rohn, Re á Semble at Art is About



As part of the official Art Basel | Artist Studio Visits, my exhibition It Was to Be a Glittering City will be on view Saturday, December 3, 2016, from 9 AM to noon at Under the Bridge art space.


Also available for viewing and touring are the studios of:

Carol K. Brown
Robert Thiele
Kristen Thiele
Lou Anne Colodny
Stephan Tugrul
Yanira Collado
William Cordova
Luisa Basnuevo

Additionally, exhibitions featuring the work of Yanira Collado and Raoul Sententat will also be on view.

Some of the works in my exhibition can be seen at Art is About.

The galleries and studios are located at 12425 NE 13th Ave, North Miami.  [Map at link.]

I hope that you can join us.

under-the-bridge-basel-2016-invite-saturday-december-3-9-am-to-noon_page_1 under-the-bridge-basel-2016-invite-saturday-december-3-9-am-to-noon_page_2

PDF invitation at this link.

I have three new works in Florida Dreaming, at FAU University Galleries.  The exhibition opens Friday, November 4, with a reception from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.

FLORIDA DREAMING is an exhibition that looks at the Florida Dream—and its obstacles. This group exhibition features contemporary artists who weave together themes that confront and shape life in Florida: its industries, politics, environment, races and ethnicities. Florida Dreaming contemplates the past, present and future of this complex place of dreams.

The exhibition was curated by Erica Ando.

Exhibiting artists are:  Eddie Arroyo, AST(Diann Bauer, Felice Grodin, Patricia Margarita Hernandez, Elite Kedan), Zack Balber, Leah Brown, Margarita Cano, Phillip Estlund, Naomi Fisher, Adler Guerrier, Kathleen Hudspeth, Silvia Lizama, Rick Newton, Onajide Shabaka, and Barron Sherer.

I’ll be participating in an artist talk with Adler Guerrier on January 17, 2017, from 7 – 8:30 PM.

Dyed-to-Match in the Mire, K. Hudspeth, 2016. Oil-based monotype, screenrpint, gouache, watercolor.  11" x 15". Unique.

Dyed-to-Match in the Mire, K. Hudspeth, 2016. Oil-based monotype, screenrpint, gouache, watercolor. 11″ x 15″. Unique.

The works in Florida Dreaming are part of my larger body of new work that will be on view in It Was to Be a Glittering City, which opens at Under the Bridge art space on November 20.