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I had two works in at the Florida Gulf Coast University for Self Published, a show of artists books and editions that was curated by Juana Meneses and Leila A Leder Kremer.

Three framed prints and a large-scale pattern repeat screenprint were shown at the MDC-NWSA Faculty Show, Work/Work at the Museum of Art and Design.

KH at MDC Museum of Art and Design, WorkWork, 2014 edit 2

The image below shows the registration marks that I used to print the large-scale pattern repeat.

K. Hudspeth, registration marks for Stupid Lubbers (large scale

On November 22, 2014, as part of the Miami Book Fair‘s local focus The Swamp, poet Stephen Schaurer read poems from broadsides that he collaborated on with me and Ana G. Gonzalez Silva; Ana and I were co-presenters, showing the finished broadsides on stage while he spoke. The broadsides were on view in Sweat II  at the Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus gallery.

The broadside that Stephen and I collaborated on is titled Cuts, and is a two-run print using an intaglio-inked collograph plate and Pronto Plate lithography.

Cuts, by K. Hudspeth and Stephen Schaurer




September’s annual DWNTWN Art Days always has me in a frenzy; Turn-Based Press participates with demonstrations or workshops and a show, both of which are a lot of organizational work and physical labor.  This year, I’ll be leading a workshop with Tom Hart of the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida titled Comic Art Workshop: Draw and Print!


All the prep time for Art Days happens right at the start of the semester as well, and there’s always a bit of adjustment at the start of classes in terms of the school’s printshop.  In addition to those expected eventualities, this year I’ve had several deadlines to meet for my own artwork–a happy complication, of course!

I’ll be participating in the MDC/NWSA faculty show at the Museum of Art and Design in downtown Miami.  The show is called Work/Work, and in addition to several framed prints, I’ve been working on a large-scale, repeat-pattern version of Stupid Lubbers which has been quite challenging.  Work/Work opens on the first night of DWNTWN Art Days, Friday, September 19th, from 6 – 9 PM.

K. Hudspeth, Stupid Lubbers (in progress), 2014; at Turn-Based P

K. Hudspeth, Stupid Lubbers (in progress), 2014; at Turn-Based P

I also created a print for the Sweat Broadsides with Stephen Schaurer, which is a combination of collography and pronto plate lithography.

Cuts (on the pressbed), by K. Hudspeth and Stephen Schaurer

The latest iteration of Sweat will be exhibited at the Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus starting September 25, with a reception on October 2nd.  Though it’s not part of the DWNTWN Art Days, the work delivery deadline was right in the thick of Art Days preparation, so it was as good as being part of it for me.

Stephen will do a reading of his poem during the Miami Book Fair on November 22nd. I’ll post again about that closer to the event.